SOUNDHEALING: Humans are genetically hardwired to respond to certain vibrations and rhythms that affect our nervous system positively and increase restorative responses including cellular cleansing and pleasurable, healing relaxation response.  Also, certain ambient sound, particularly of certain frequencies, combinations particular  rhythms, produces a state of consciousness that tends to be characterized by theta waves in the brain. Theta wave brain states are associated with increased brain-plasticity, restorative biological functions, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (calming), and increased creative functioning, as well as lucid dreaming. Therefore, when we set our intentions during a soundbath or soundhealing session, we use our conscious intention amplified by the effects of the sound, to clear the body-mind of blockages, to re-program and entrain the nervous system & brain. The soundhealer, Zia Sunseri, creates the sounds that are designed to increase more theta activity in listener's brains, leaving you to feel more balanced, restored and refreshed.

Soundhealing has its basis in ancient aboriginal arts worldwide and has at least fifty years of research in anthropological medicine and neuroscience that begins to explain some of what the shamans and mystics have known about the healing power of sound for centuries.  Our ancestors, no matter who we are, can be traced back to tribal people who used sound to heal: voice, drums, rattles, and even sophisticated soundhealing chambers such as those in Ancient Egypt. Our genes remember.

SOUNDHEALING, SOUNDBATHS, and MUSIC THERAPY are specialties of Zia Sunseri, who has been healing people with Sound for  decades, since she was a child and was gifted a shaman's drum, a gift from her Native Ancestors. In recent years, Zia attended master soundhealer-mentor, Tom Kenyon's workshops, where she found him to be a kindred spirit.. Previously, she studied with world renowned anthropologists Michael Harner, Sandra Harner,  and Alberto Villoldo, experts on indigenous healing practices, which has adds to her level of expertise. 

A  SOUNDBATH is a live improvised concert of ambient sound vibrations that shift the listener’s body and consciousness into deep relaxation and restorative biological states, offering a mini-retreat from the busy outside world. Many people attend soundbaths to reduce the effects of stress and clear tension or blockages in the mind/body/emotions/spirit, in order to feel cleansed and replenished. Zia Sunseri's soundbaths currently include crystal bowls and vocal toning/voice activations, and sometimes additionally: gentle and potent sea-drums, gongs, rattles, or other ambient instruments, to take you into a meditative state to help creative and pleasurable experiences open up, and fundamentally, to help anxiety and stress fade and our bodies' natural restorative functions to flourish.

Typically, during a soundbath you will lie on the floor on yoga mats or blankets in a comfortable position. Wear comfortable clothing and bring anything that will help you feel more comfortable lying on the floor. 

MY SOUNDBATHS ARE GENERALLY HELD AT LOCAL YOGA STUDIOS or OTHER LOCATIONS. PLEASE FILL OUT MY CONTACT FORM AND NOTE THAT YOU'D LIKE TO BE INFORMED OF FUTURE SOUNDBATHS. ALSO CHECK MY EVENTS CALENDAR:)  Additionally, I perform events that I named "SoundSpa"'s which often include additional multisensory healing such as aromatherapy, herbal teas, and vegan chocolate truffles. 

INDIVIDUAL/PRIVATE GROUP SESSIONS: I also perform sound baths for relaxation in the workplace/ corporate events & for individuals in their homes, in hospitals/hospice, and/or at my healing space . Please fill out my contact form for more information on private soundbaths/ or individual soundhealing sessions.