All soundhealing and shamanic counseling sessions are tailored to client's goals and needs.

Sessions in my private studio, near downtown Seattle, include one or more of the following: guided mediation, energy work/guided self-reiki, soundhealing, shamanic counseling, art therapeutic techniques, and/or astrological birth chart readings, see complete list below...

Note: For legal and ethical reasons I must state: Although I intern as a psychotherapist at a community mental health center, my current private practice is different. In my private studio, I am not conducting traditional therapy, and if you are/were a client at the community clinic where I intern as a psychotherapist, I would politely decline you as a client at my private studio. This is in order to prevent any ethical conflicts of interest.

Individual Private Studio Sessions with Zia:

In Person: scheduled in 90 minute increments:  **STANDARD** Rates are $210. .....SLIDING SCALE rates are available to those who need....and discounted package rates are available for ongoing clients in six-week increments. **Don't let money turn you away if you are in need, let's talk about it**. Individual/Couples sessions are held in my healing space in Seattle, near downtown. If I come to you, for a house blessing, private soundhealing, for instance, extra travel costs apply and vary per distance. 

Phone /Videophone Sessions: scheduled in 60 minute increments: available at $50-90 per hour sliding scale. Usually for clients who have already had an in-person session with me. Some exceptions can be made, such as for astrological chart readings.

Sessions may include any one or combination of the following:


Acceptable payment methods include paypal to:

Astrological Sessions: INDIVIDUAL + COUPLES: For individual sessions,  I spend time studying your chart and meditating on it before your session, then we use the birth chart as a doorway into the karmic work indicated, then we will do some experiential work around what comes up for you in session. Cost is $250. The astrological sessions are verbally communicated and experiential rather than written.  COUPLES/RELATIONSHIP CHART:  I recommend that each of you have an individual birth chart session prior to a couples' reading.  You can choose to  have a package of two individual chart readings (90 mins each) Plus the couples reading (60 mins) for a total package of  $399. Alternatively, you can do the couple's relationship chart reading on it's own for $333. Astrological Sessions are pre-paid, which will put me into action studying your chart(s). All the astrological sessions are verbally communicated rather than written.

Soundbaths & "SOUNDSPA"s: Held in groups at local yoga studios for $20-$40 per attendee, with soundbaths generally for an hour and "SoundSpa"'s two hours . Or held in your home or business for individuals or groups/events/ceremenies for $210/hour. Feel free to fill out my online contact form to be informed of future soundbaths. CLICK HERE FOR EVENTS CALENDAR

Any questions? Please fill out my online contact form. Be well!


For those interested in experiencing ways of healing stemming from my Native American roots: I offer public group and privately guided shamanic journeying, guided self-soul-retrievals and shamanic-counseling. Jungian therapists might refer to these indigenously informed healing methods as active-imagination techniques, which I find interesting. However, my original experience of these techniques stems from early  in my youth when I communed with the Yacqui people in ritual. Academically, as an adult, I studied core shamanism with world renowned anthropologist Michael Harner & biologist Sandra Harner. Attuned to Reiki energy work 35 years ago, I've practiced meditation and yoga nidra (“lucid dream yoga”) for 20 years, and aided others as a shamanic practitioner for over a decade. In addition, I facilitate community ritual and experiential events (such as "soundbaths"). 

I am also a multimedia artist whose fine art is owned by private and public collectors on three continents. Additionally, I use my multimedia talents to direct and produce video content, which in the past has included a documentary series for Italian television and music videos broadcast on Mtv networks.