You don't have to settle for an unhappy, sexually frustrating, high-conflict or lonely life......Sometimes chronic conflicts, issues of sexuality, cheating, or addictions get in the way...that's where I can help you.........

In a relationship, sometimes Love isn't enough; You need skills. And insight......You need an objective point of view from a confidential, professional therapist who is truly excellent. And understands your challenges and needs...

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Zia Sunseri, MA, LMFTA, ATP, ASAT  is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFTA) , an Associate Sex-Addictions Therapist (ASAT/ CSAT -A) a member of the LGBT QIA community, works equally well with heterosexual traditional couples, as well as people in  unconventional kink/bdsm/polyamourous relationships...

Zia is extensively trained in and experienced in treating issues of  

  • conflict / communication problems

  • infidelity or cheating

  • porn-addictions and sex-addictions

  • issues of sexuality / sexual identity / differences in sexual desire between partners

Zia understands what is at stake for you.... Zia Sunseri treats couples, polyfidelitous groups,  AND  individuals.

If you're like my clients "Taylor and Sara": Your relationship is stuck on a treadmill of routines, chores, and responsibilities  that are killing your intimacy. 

Or if you're like "Emily and Aiden", You're bickering and then avoiding each other.  You're feeling lonely in your relationship even when you spend time together.   You're busy.  You're both on the computer, phones, or watching tv instead of connecting emotionally. You're exhausted anyway. It seems like there's no time for "quality time".  Dwindling or sporadic sex-life? SEX LIFE? You're saying: WHAT's that? 

Stressed out at work, or by parenting the kids? Feeling stressed about whether to have kids? Perhaps you're struggling with infertility, miscarriage, or postpartum depression? 

Are you longing for the spark you had in the beginning of the relationship and wondering how you can get back that feeling? Are you fantasizing about seeing other people? Or perhaps one or both of you cheated & your relationship feels like it's wrecked? If so, how do you put the pieces back together?

Counseling CAN help.


 I am Zia Sunseri, MA, LMFTA, ATP, ASAT. I offer couples effective methods and therapeutic experiences via Internet or In-Person counseling & coaching.

CALL (206) 701-0236 FOR YOUR FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation. 


  • increasing overall intimacy + communication skills
  • increasing sexual satisfaction
  • reconciling differences in sexual desire
  • recovery from sexual-anorexia
  • recovery from being sexually abused as children (one or both partners)
  • recovery from sex-addiction/porn addiction +/ other "process addictions" such eating disorders
  • cheating: dealing with infidelity issues
  • infertility / stress around trying
  • postpartum parental exhaustion
  • recurring conflicts: reconciling differences on decision-making around: money/hierarchy/control/household management and family- planning.
  • life transitions:  developing skills to cope effectively with things likecareer changes/birth/adoption/grief and loss/ cohabitating/ marriage /aging/ illness

I am LGBQTIA affirmative and I work equally well with Heterosexual Couples in traditional Relationships OR in POLY/Kink/Experimental lifestlyes.....


 I support the authenticity of people EQUALLY:

  • LGBTQIA as well as
  • HETEROSEXUAL in traditional relationships, AND those of you
  • POLY amorous Polyamorous,  POLY-fidelitiy, EXPERIMENTAL, KINK,  BDSM lifestylers

I have a SEX-POSITIVE PHILOSOPHY: Sex-positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation". The sex-positive movement is a social movement and philosophical movement that promotes and embraces sexuality and sexual expression, with an emphasis on safe and consensual sex. 

I offer couples convenient live-video-sessions supplemented by in-person sessions. So you can skip the commute.