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 If you're ill, or feel like you're coming down with something, please contact me ASAP via text or email: And stay home and rest + protect me and all my clients from getting your cold/flu.  

If for any reason you're unable to arrive at my office for your scheduled appointment time......YOU HAVE OPTIONS to get the support you signed on for:


  • I will offer you a  phone or video session during your appointment time.
  • Alternatively, you can skip the session and you can request that I  assign you some therapeutic or coaching "homework" specifically designed for you to do until our next session.
  • With 72 hour advance-notice, via email to,  you can  keep credit for your session and Re-schedule it without penalty.

 These policies are quite beneficial to you! I understand that life has  various unknowns that pop up, such as traveling for work, catching a cold, staying at home to care for a sick loved-one, nanny-cancelled, or you're stuck working late at the office.....

My policy is to help you honor your commitment to the therapeutic process and to respect my time & commitment to holding space for you.

IF YOU SHOW UP LATE TO A SESSION: If you plan to be more than 10 minutes late to a session, please text me as soon as you know this is happening. IF you show up late, the session will end on time, to respect my need to keep the rest of my day's schedule on time.

 RE: Practicing and doing your therapeutic "client homework":

My approach is that the natural process of healing/growth is within you. The answers to all the questions are within you, and I am a guide/facilitator/catalyst/ witness to your process, and provider of safe space during our session

My presence may amplify or speed up your process and I may reflect you, teach you new skills, help you find the keys to open the door, but you must be willing to step through the open door, and explore, to take action, to try new things in your life, to do the journey (and practice on your own) in order to integrate what you have learned in our sessions, and get the momentum and action moving into your life.

That said, it's ok to take it slowly and steadily. Your PACE is the RIGHT PACE for YOU.

 Regarding individual sessions, at my private studio in Seattle, I will tailor each session to your goals, your individual style and speed of learning, adjusted with your feedback. Your feedback is very important: I am open to hearing about what is working for you and any ways that I may adjust my approach or pace to improve your experience. You are responsible for being honest, and direct as possible, and for letting me know when you are uncomfortable with something we are doing or something I said/did.

I will honor your boundaries as far as my intuition, my solid ethics,  and my knowledge of you allows. Please update me if you were to ever feel that anything was triggering, or if anything needs adjustment or clarification.