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CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS: RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN ADVANCE: This yearly event always fills up quickly!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 21st 7:30-9:00pm……30 mins Yoga + 1 hour Soundbath Savasana….

  • Enjoy a 30 minute lusciously relaxing Yoga-flow with Leah

  • Then recline and MELT INTO a 60 minute SOUNDBATH/ SOUND CEREMONY with Zia. Join Leah and Zia for a soothing grounding welcome to Winter. This is a dynamic experience you do not want to miss!

Take a break from the shopping and hustle bustle to celebrate the Solstice and go within in a truly restorative experience.

A soundbath is a live improvised concert of ambient sound vibrations that shift the listener’s body and consciousness into deep relaxation and restorative biological states, offering a mini-retreat from the busy outside world. Many people attend soundbaths to reduce the effects of stress and clear tension or blockages in the mind/body/emotions/spirit, in order to feel cleansed and replenished.

Zia's soundbaths currently include crystal bowls and vocal toning, and sometimes additionally: gentle and potent sea-drums, gongs, rattles, or other ambient instruments, to take you into a meditative state to help creative and pleasurable experiences open up, and fundamentally, to help anxiety and stress fade and our bodies' natural restorative functions to flourish

Zia Sunseri is a MA, LMFTA, ATP, ASAT is a Soundhealer, Art Therapist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specialized in Women’s Issues and Certified Prenatal & Postpartum yoga teacher!