Gut Feelings

So why do people often refer to intuition as a "gut feeling?": 

Our intuition arises from our connection to our bodies' signals. Our emotions start as physical sensations that arise from the body and then become interpreted by the brain, milliseconds later. Our mind labels that experience, translating it into awareness, often accompanied by a thought. This is a very quick and unconscious process for most people, so how do you know when to trust your gut feelings or know whether your intuition is right? 

Well, your intuition, or gut feelings, are often damaged by stress or trauma, and your intuition is not going to be accurate if you haven't cultivated habits of embodiment, mindfulness, and eating habits that contribute to your overall wellbeing.  

Many people experience anxiety due to gastrointestinal problems, or having ingested too much caffeine. Then the anxiety leads them to eat comfort foods that irritate their digestive system, to drink alcohol to calm down, which aggravates the problem long term.  

And it's a vicious circle, leading to feelings of burnout, chronic fatigue, irritability, more anxiety, and even depression.  Many women are 'used to' tolerating indigestion.  Many more have recurring candida issues, often manifest most obviously vaginally as 'yeast infections'. But candida overgrowth problems start as an imbalance of the flora in the gut. Medications such as antibiotics, most of us know, upset the flora in our gut, so we usually take some probiotic pills to counteract that, in hopes we can ward off a yeast infection, right? But what about our daily eating habits, carbs, sugars, alcohol that feed candida and make it grow out of control? And what about the acidic caffeine, spicy peppers, and other foods full of lectins (anti-nutrients) that are purported to be linked to leaky-gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome? If our stomachs are hurting, it is going to be more difficult to maintain our emotionally resiliency. And if we aren't eating the nutrient-rich foods that nourish brain activity, then we're starving our brain of essentials that it needs to repair itself from stress and trauma. Gut health is a factor for many clients that is linked to their dietary habits and imbalances that cause anxiety, or hinder brain repair from stress....and I urge my clients to consult their doctors naturopaths about how to heal the gut....yet it is all connected: 

And it is not necessary to change your diet this moment to start changing your life: 

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