Zia Sunseri, MA, LMFTA, ATR, CSAT, CMP earned:

  • "MA":  Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Art Therapy & Marriage & Family Counseling from Antioch University. 

  • "LMFTA": Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate of the State of WA. To date, Zia completed over two years of internship, and dedicated over a thousand hours counseling individuals and groups at community clinics.

  • "ATR": Art Therapist specialization earned from Antioch University and Registered with the International Institute of Art Therapy.

  •  "CSAT": Certified Sex Addictions Therapist Credentials, from the International Institute of Trauma  Professionals. This extensive program also included training in assessing trauma, treating Addicts' underlying issues, as well as Partner's Trauma and other Process Addictions:  Including Gambling Addiction, Shopping Addiction, other and Money and Work Style issues, such as Workaholism, and Financial Self-Deprivation, and Shopping Addictions. Similar causes and processes occur in Eating Disorders.

  • "CMP": Certified MARI Practitioner: earned in order to offer to clients the experience of a powerful art therapy assessment and treatment tool, the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument. 

  • Zia also has many years of experience leading groups on Women's Vitality, Cancer Support, and Addictions, including process addictions such as Shopaholism and Eating Disorders.

 Zia has conducted thousands of hours of healing with groups and individuals, including about a thousand hours counseling groups, families, and individuals at community clinics