“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”-Anaïs Nin

A lot of my clients are over-achievers, but are still unhappy women.  You know when you are so burnt-out doing the tasks you feel that you 'should do' to maintain your life, that you  shut off your intuition almost completely? Your intuition &  your body is saying "rest" or "stretch", but your actions are things like: Get one more email done, drink one more glass of wine, flip through some social media or check work email while watching a t.v. show, and eat one more snack. Hate yourself in the morning when you wake up feeling exhausted.

You appear so well put together, little does anyone else know about the secret life you lead of criticizing yourself, your perfectionist self-punishing thoughts, judging yourself and your own body harshly, not to mention those self-destructive habits that leave your self esteem in the toilet the next day.  

 You feel disconnected from your self, your feminine vitality, your center. 

You've lost yourself.  You've lost your faith in your intuition.  Was it in a relationship? Or  through an addiction, or self-medicating with food or dieting?  Or you've buried yourself in your work?  The inner panics, the spiraling out into bad thoughts that leads to coping with TV-binges, food, internet, or another glass of wine.  

You feel stuck in a rut.  You're longing for change. Sometimes you wonder if you're heading for a breakdown.

Therapy CAN help. I  guide you in sessions with EXPERIENTIAL methods that can melt your stress immediately. And I help my clients make lasting change.


Over time, I help you go from treading water to thriving with highly effective experiential methods (including and not limited to:  art therapy, soundhealing/sound-therapy and integrative somatic, breath-work, mindfulness, and indigenous healing from my Native roots). I help you increase your self-love, your sensuality, health and female vitality. If you are ready to heal the past, significantly or totally reverse trauma permanently, and to become your own best friend, to heal your relationship with your body, and feel like a goddess....to manifest more satisfaction in your life spiritually, financially, and in your relationships...


Some of the women I counsel are those of you who have lost faith in your own sense of reality and intuition, after having  been betrayed, or lied to in an intimate relationship. And some of you lost your connection to your intuition as a little girl who was abused, neglected, sexually abused (this is very common) or was simply told in words or actions that she was 'not worthy'.   

Either way, this chronic distrust of your own intuition results in stress, anxiety, or depression, sometimes other health problems, and sometimes a crisis of identity, when you are questioning as 'How come I am not happy when my life looks fine on paper? How did I get here? And how can I get on a path to healing and happiness, without making a mess of it? And I made mistakes or 'bad choices' in the past based, so how can I trust myself not to make those mistakes again?

I hear you, sisters.

And I have spent my life developing my therapeutic, clinical, and finely tuned intuitive skills to share my powerful holistic resources with you, to help you regain your intuition and get your life and health on track. 

I help you who are stressed out, burned out, numbed out, depressed,  heart-broken, overwhelmed or in a rut,  grieving, or who are suffering from dating or relationship problems, verging on or going through divorce, battling themselves over issues of food addictions, body image, or sexuality.


My therapeutic practice is UNIQUE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE IN REVERSING STRESS AND TRAUMA, restoring the mind and body to it's natural state, because beyond talk therapyI utilize EXPERIENTIAL METHODS scientifically shown TO SOOTH YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM.  I  help you to discover your inner resources in sessions.  I teach you tools to take home and practice, and help you achieve an authentically satisfying life. 


I am a catalyst and an empathic guide who tailors each session to YOUR NEEDS. I also structure sessions according to YOUR GOALS, which we discuss and re-evaluate through the course of our work together, so we can both know what we're aiming for and acknowledge when progress is being made.  This helps us use our time together most effectively.  My philosophy is that all the answers or solutions to your problems are hidden within you and it is my job to assist you to find them and to teach you unique tools to practice in your daily life to remove those obstacles to INCREASING YOUR SELF LOVE + SUCCESS. THERAPY WITH ME IS EFFECTIVE IN HELPING YOU TO ACHIEVING YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL----TO BECOME YOUR BEST , most AUTHENTIC SELF.


  • women's issues
  • stress & anxiety
  • compulsive behavior issues* **(such as food addictions /  overeating / eating disorders,  sex addiction, porn addiction, online dating obsession, gambling addiction, shopping addiction) as well as coping with being a Partner or Ex-Partner of an Addict.
  • childhood abuse (survivors of sexual abuse /emotional abuse /physical abuse /spiritual abuse/ or childhood in which parent(s) were addicts/alcoholics)
  • body image issues
  • grief and loss
  • depression
  • life transitions
  • divorce/breakup recovery
  • coping with chronic illness / infertility /miscarriage
  • existential/spiritual challenges and exploration
  • issues of sexuality and/or sexual identity
  • social identity transitions ("coming out", LGBTQ for example)
  • healing internalized oppression
  • relationship challenges: romantic/ work/ friendship issues
  • career issues or professional identity crises
  • creative blocks: turning them into creating breakthroughs
  • envisioning & manifesting
  • coping with being an Empath / feeling burdened by other's energy/psychic boundaries
  • feeling burdened by ancestral issues
  • finding the authentic self: who am I, what's my life's purpose here? 
  • ****Compulsive Behavior Issues means:  ** *anything you've tried to stop but can't seem to "stay stopped" and  that causes you distress.... and now you are sincerely willing to do all it takes and try something new to change this pattern, or someone in your life is so worried about you they are urging you to get help..  (Compulsive behavior cycles are very common in our culture and sometimes called "process addictions": food addictions / eating disorders, sex addiction, porn addiction, online dating or gambling addiction, shopping addictions--often a binge-purge cycle, sometimes followed by a period of abstaining; but issue usually eventually returns. I can help you stop this cycle, and help you learn how to "stay stopped".... so you can be blossom into the fullness of your genius, joy, and powers of manifestation, and feel deeply proud of yourself.
  • I work best those of you who are open to trying something new that will help you access your own inner genius, your bliss, and your powers of manifestation, or a sense of peace that currently eludes you.  I also work best with those of you who are READY and WILLING to take responsibility for those things that you really DO have the power to change, but you feel like you don't have the tools or a roadmap of how to do so. I will help you with the extensive education, skills, wisdom, and intuitive powers that I have.
  •  I tailor each session to my clients' needs, with experiential methods such as: hypnosis,  art-therapy, body-centered psychotherapy,  music therapy / soundhealing, active imagination, dream analysis, role play, yoga therapy.  And for some clients  I offer quantum healing/ ancestral clearings/ shamanic counseling techniques from my Native ancestors. Many of my clients come to me because they intuitively felt that experiential methods would work better for them than traditional talk-therapy.

Most people don't know how much you're suffering inside because you've gotten really good at keeping it together on the outside, for now. Sometimes you wonder if you're heading for a breakdown. You've been stuffing those emotions down and don't know who to lean on now. In fact, you're usually the giver and a supporter of others.  You have your emotions in control in most public situations, and you seem to have your responsibilities all taken care of.   You seem so well put-together, and life looks pretty good on paper, but you're still overwhelmed, burnt out, depressed, anxious, dissatisfied, kicking yourself for your bad habits, never feeling like enough is good enough.

I can help you regain absolute trust in their own intuition. Many of the women I help to heal are ones who grew up in homes where their own feelings were not treated with enough value.  The mood in the home might have been one in which parents weren't emotionally available. Perhaps the emphasis on the little girl was on outward achievement or behavior that wouldn't demand too much of the parents.

So you learned as a girl to stuff your own feelings down............and you got through it, surviving by coping as best you could.

In fact, you coped very well.  Now you desire to grow even further, beyond what's no longer serving you. You want to reverse the stress and trauma, get grounded, feel yourself truly blossom and to grow into your full potential:



  • Zia Sunseri earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Art Therapy, from Antioch University. She also has many years of experience leading groups on Women's Vitality, Cancer Support, and Addictions, including process addictions such as Shopaholism and Eating Disorders.....and Zia has conducted thousands of hours of healing with groups and individuals, including about a thousand hours counseling groups, families, and individuals at community clinics

  • I help my clients truly making their lives an art form, infusing it with, freedom, joy, and connectedness in the world, and manifestation of creative power they may not have known they had.  
  • My extensive tool box of experiential methods help you get into a state of flow, heightening brain plasticity and potentially expediting the change you desire; initiating the emergence of your inner genius and inner fountain of resources.  In addition, I am also trained in talk-therapy, CBT and process addictions management (which I utilize with some clients), for sex addiction, eating disorders, compulsive gambling and spending problems, and other compulsive behaviors that may be blocking the full expression of your genius and joy.
  •  My experiential methods range from art therapy and music therapy or soundhealing, bioenergetics, yoga-therapy and mindfulness....all of my techniques are tailored to your needs and goals. Many of my methods have roots in Eastern and Native American indigenous healing techniques, which is part of my heritage. All help you to get into a state of flow.  A state of flow is the most adaptive state a human can achieve, and it is our natural state, though many circumstances in our lives, past or present, can lead us to feel blocked or disconnected or depleted.
  • I have facilitated many powerful transformations, some taking as little as three to six sessions, and in other cases I have supported clients who have done deep healing of major childhood trauma and seen them blossom, grow their wings and fly from the therapeutic nest in as little as six months. Some clients have been seeing me regularly for years, and I have been helping them reach higher and higher levels of manifesting their true potential.
  • For me it is a joy and a calling to dedicate my work to helping you become functional, whole, healthy, and thriving to your fullest potentialto have ample energy, to feel connected and full of inner resources and creative solutions to deal with life's challenges, to be able to feel grounded and connected even in the eye of the storm, and to be able to express yourself authentically. 
  •  I can help you feel better immediately, with effective somatic, art-therapeutic, and experiential therapies that reverse stress and trauma and help you connect to your inner resources. I also teach you tools to use outside of sessions to practice and grow.