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You're looking to upgrade your life. You're searching for some answers: how to heal some deep pain inside of you, how to find the solution to your confusion, exhaustion, or how to finally free yourself from the past, and free yourself from current  anxiety, burn-out, unhealthy relationship habits, self-punishing thoughts, other self-destructive habits, stress, and overwhelm.

Studies show that reaching for help or guidance  is a sign of resilience, separating those who thrive from those who suffer.

If you are sick and tired of the way you feel, and want to develop a connection to your own wisdom, therapy can help. The truth is that the answers are deep within you. The wisdom you seek is within you. Therapy with Zia Sunseri can help you access that wisdom, to give you the guidance and skills you need, but only if you really want to change. Therapy can help to shed the past, discover and express your authentic self, reach your goals of your highest self, and develop resiliency for what lies ahead.

You can move from treading water to thriving.  Together, we turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Life is never without change. Feel stuck in a rut and unable to face the demands of life?   Therapy can help you to rise to the challenges of life with  internal power, dignity, emotional resiliency, compassion, for yourself and others, clarity, creativity, and grace.

To become your best. To reach your highest potential. 

The past or present, or bad habits, may seem to be holding you back. …Whatever your goals, we can work through it together, and re-create your experience of life, as a whole, connected, thriving person/being. Therapy (with Zia) is about connecting you to your source, and developing the power to see and peel away the layers the layers that limit your choices….. To put you on the path to your heart’s true desires and to ultimately manifest more joy, satisfaction, empowerment, overall health, connection, and expression/manifestation of your highest potential. 

You may sense that your connection to your true nature in the world today is often blocked by the busyness of your life and hurtful habits of your mind, and so many ways to check out, to not have to be present.

Do you feel the lack of inner-quiet to hear our own inner subtle voice and messages from your body? If you feel numb/ disconnected from your subtle body, disconnected from the simple and profound joy of being in a healthy body, you are probably running on adrenaline, or burnt out.  

When we are running on adrenaline and cortisol, in constant fight/flight/flee mode, not only does it take a toll on our immune system, our physical stamina, we also lose our ability to think clearly and to feel authentically: we become blocked from our own source of power and rejuvenation, we lose clarity and deny our highest self's healthy intuition and guidance: our true inner compass. When we're overstressed, fearful, depressed, it's like our inner GPS is malfunctioning and we become stuck, rigid, and sometimes self-medicate, or neglect ourselves and our relationships.

You can become un-blocked, develop the ability to sense and follow your true inner compass, with Zia's guidance and caring therapeutic support.  And then put it into action to permanently shed those habits or whatever is not serving your happiness and full potential. Zia can help by guiding you, providing safe space, and unique and effective experiences, and exercises. Zia gives you tools to practice and implement to help your nervous system return to it’s natural state: calm, alert, functioning, sleeping well, mind-body connected, wisdom arising moment to moment, more able to/focused on experiences of joy and gratitude. Zia then supports you to put your newfound wisdom into action, encouraging you and helping you develop the courage and practical plans to make the necessary changes. 

Did you know that medical science is now recognizing how the  mind, body, and spirit (that mysterious source of our inner power that also contains our emotions) are interconnected. For example: Did you know that chronically angry people tend to have more heart attacks? That chronically depressed or stressed people tend to get more colds and flus? That repressed sexuality, sexual abuse,  or unresolved trauma around sexual development can lead to women’s physical health issues?  

On a positive note, did you know that things such as positive-envisioning your future desired outcomes, and novel experiences, can change your brain patterns and your genetic structure! The emerging field of epigenetics shows how certain experiences affect your DNA to turn back markers for disease and turn on functions of enhanced immunological functioning.

 This what we might call the holistic connection: The mind-body-spirit approach of therapy with Zia Sunseri at Luminous Life Center acknowledges that these factors interplay with each other in our health.  Zia applies the latest cutting-edge holistic treatment approaches tailored to each client’s  goals and needs in each session, to re-set the nervous system, and to help clients gain access to inner clarity, joy, and groundedness.

Zia coaches you in manifesting your heart’s desires.

From the first session, you’ll feel that Zia’s methods are uniquely effective in reversing stress, trauma, and re-entraining the brain/nervous system/mind-body connection. At the right pace for you, Zia helps you in removing blockages and illuminating within you the answers to all that you seek: to serve your authentic experience of self, and ultimately expression of your highest potential. 

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  • women's issues
  • stress & anxiety
  • compulsive behavior issues* **(such as food addictions /  overeating / eating disorders,  sex addiction, porn addiction, online dating obsession, gambling addiction, kleptomania/ compulsive shoplifting/ overspending/ shopping addiction /) as well as coping with being a Partner or Ex-Partner of an Addict.
  • childhood abuse (survivors of sexual abuse /emotional abuse /physical abuse /spiritual abuse/ or childhood in which parent(s) were addicts/alcoholics)
  • body image issues
  • grief and loss
  • depression
  • life transitions
  • divorce/breakup recovery
  • coping with chronic illness / infertility /miscarriage
  • existential/spiritual challenges and exploration
  • issues of sexuality and/or sexual identity
  • social identity transitions ("coming out", LGBTQ for example)
  • healing internalized oppression
  • relationship challenges: romantic/ work/ friendship issues
  • career issues or professional identity crises
  • creative blocks: turning them into creating breakthroughs
  • envisioning & manifesting
  • coping with being an Empath / feeling burdened by other's energy/psychic boundaries
  • feeling burdened by ancestral issues
  • finding the authentic self: who am I, what's my life's purpose here? 
  • ****Compulsive Behavior Issues means:  ** *anything you've tried to stop but can't seem to "stay stopped" and  that causes you distress.... and now you are sincerely willing to do all it takes and try something new to change this pattern, or someone in your life is so worried about you they are urging you to get help..  (Compulsive behavior cycles are very common in our culture and sometimes called "process addictions": food addictions / eating disorders, sex addiction, porn addiction, online dating or gambling addiction,kleptomania or compulsive shoplifting/  shopping addictions /--often a binge-purge cycle, sometimes followed by a period of abstaining; but issue usually eventually returns. I can help you stop this cycle, and help you learn how to "stay stopped".... so you can be blossom into the fullness of your genius, joy, and powers of manifestation, and feel deeply proud of yourself
  •  I tailor each session to my clients' needs, with experiential methods such as: hypnosis,  art-therapy, body-centered psychotherapy,  music therapy / soundhealing, active imagination, dream analysis, role play, yoga therapy and indigenous healing methods.  Many of my clients come to me because they intuitively felt that experiential methods would work better for them than traditional talk-therapy.





Zia Sunseri, MA, LMFTA, ATP, ASAT, earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Art Therapy, from Antioch University. Zia also earned, through extensive training the title of Associate Sex-Addictions Therapist, qualifying her to deal with compulsivity disorders related to money and power, porn-addiction, sex-addiction, issues of sexuality

Zia also has many years of experience leading groups on Women's Vitality, Cancer Support, and Addictions, including process addictions such as Workaholism/Gambling/Shopaholism/Shopping Addictions/Kleptomania, and Eating Disorders.....and Zia has conducted thousands of hours of healing with groups and individuals.

Zia began as an intuitive healer at young age, and continues to offer, only to those select clients who are interested: indigenous-healing methods or "shamanic counseling"(from her Native American & Siberian Yakut Indigenous roots).  Additionally, Zia has conducted  about a thousand hours of counseling groups, families, and individuals at community clinics, using her techniques ranging from CBT and task oriented approaches, to Soundhealing/Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Yoga-Therapy, Hypnosis, and Mindfulness, and Immersive Life-Span Integration.

When Zia is not counseling people, she can be found cooking healthy meals, practicing aerial arts, writing screenplays, composing music/soundtracks with her husband, and performing Soundhealing events.

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