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We all thirst for happiness….

So why is it eluding so many of us?

Why are so many women suffering so deeply?

For many of us, it started the day we left the comfort and peace of our mother’s womb. We began to learn to hide away the most vulnerable pieces of ourselves, to please others, to fit in, to survive. 

Learning ‘How to Act’ began early. 

We were young and vulnerable. We were taught to be good, obedient little girls. And trained to believe we’d achieve happiness by performing well, by acquiring material things or status, by being desirable to others, by looking and acting a certain way, to please others – to fit in.  

We built walls and secret compartments where we learned to hide away those parts of ouselves we felt were unacceptable, unworthy, shameful, or dangerous to reveal: our wounded, lonely, terrified, and scarred parts. To protect ourselves, we locked away our tender vulnerability, as well as our own desires. 

Because our needs were not always fulfilled when we needed them to be.

Because we were told to just behave. 

Because some of us were neglected, ignored, betrayed, bullied, shamed, or abused.  

We went into self-protection mode by denying or hiding parts of self.  The tragedy is,when we hid the vulnerable parts of our souls from other people, we learned to not only to stuff down and ignore the shame and pain, but we learned to ignore our true needs, our hearts’ desires…

We lost the guidance of our core, authentic Self.

 But she is still there. Buried under fragments of painful parts that we stuffed into the dark corners, deep in a place that feels as cluttered as the aftermath of an earthquake, is our inner compass, our most powerful resource: our core authentic Self…  

Her voice seems far away, comes and goes, or seems to have gone completely quiet.  Without her guidance, we feel lost, disempowered. 

 We fear that we are un-lovable....not good enough……or we think “Maybe I’m broken beyond repair”….

These are the words coming from our exiled parts: those that we locked away in the dusty attics and dungeons of our souls….We try to escape them, we try to ignore them, numb ourselves from them, but then they take over.

The moment of “take-over” may cause us to erupt into panic, anxiety, distress, self-criticism, frustration, anger, crisis. Or we sink into confusion, anxiety, depression, self-destructive habits followed by shame-attacks, feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness. 

When in fact, all of us were born worthy of love, joy, connectedness, and freedom of expression. You have been worthy from the moment you took your first breath.

It’s time to awaken to your own worthiness.  

 You can change. 

You can evolve. 

You can transform your whole experience of living. 

Your life and relationships can change. For the better.

 Therapy CAN help.

I am here to help you to reclaim your sense of empowerment, your sovereignty.

 I’m here to help you uncover, restore and deepen your trust for your connection to your authentic, core Self.

 Together, we’ll open a window and let the light and fresh air into the dark where your wounded parts are crying out for help, for freedom, expression and integration. We’ll work to heal them.  Then we’ll move onto the path of manifesting your heart’s desires.

I know, it’s scary to trust. 

It can be terrifying to share your secrets, vulnerabilities, your thoughts and dreams and wounds. I promise I will hold everything you share, sacred and safe.

 Welcome to Luminous Life Center, Integrative Psychotherapy & Healing Arts for Women.

Hi, I’m Zia.


Beyond helping women out of suffering and helping them through a crisis, I help women discover their heart’s unique dream, their life’s mission, and guide clients to manifest their full potential.  

 Beyond talk therapy, I apply the latest cutting-edge holistic transformative treatment approaches to re-set the nervous system and to help clients gain access to inner clarity, joy, authentic voice, and vitality, and grounded-ness.

My methods are uniquely effective in reversing stress and trauma. I facilitate healing of the mind-body-spirit/emotions connection to instill new thought patterns and new healthy habits by techniques that re-entrain the brain and nervous system

Sessions may include talk therapy, embodiment-psychotherapies, yoga-psychotherapy or movement-therapy, trauma-release exercises, art therapy, music therapy, dream analysis, active imagination, guided mediations, soundhealing, intensive lifespan integration, hypnosis.

At the right pace for you, I will help you in removing blockages and illuminating within you the answers to all that you seek: to serve your authentic Self, and ultimately get on the path to expression of your highest potential. 

Together, we can turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs. 

Go from treading water to thriving. 

Take the first step in your path of transformation. 

Call me for your free 20-minute consultation (206) 701-0236.

ZIA's MISSION IS TO EMPOWER WOMEN, of all shapes, sizes, colors, & orientations.

  • Zia works equally well with women of Heterosexual Orientation as well as LGBTQIA folks
  • Zia's practice is also LGBTQIA Affirmative & Social Justice Oriented.
  • Zia utilizes cutting edge scientific holistic therapies that connect mind-body-emotions/spirit, and integrate ancient indigenous practices. 
  • Zia is and the power of the imagination and creativity to access our inner resources.

Zia also has many years of experience leading groups at community clinics, yoga studios, and retreat centers.

Deemed a budding medicine-woman at a young age, Zia began as an intuitive healer whose Native American elders supported her in developing her intuitive powers to connect with the great web of life that is here, within us, and around us, to nourish us all.  Now she is Also a Licensed counselor, with an avid life-long interest in the science of healing the brain and body, she connects the current and the ancient indigenous practices.  Zia offers select clients who request it: her services may or may not include some indigenous healing methods drawn from her Native American and Yakut Siberian Shamanic Practitioner /Shamanic Counselor roots.  

That is up to the client.

Zia offers what the client needs and tailors sessions to clients, whether you need traditional talk therapy or a full sensory transformative experience, or a mixture of both over time, I work with your value system and your needs.


FUN FACTS: When Zia is not counseling people, she can be found leading women's vitality and women's sacred sexuality groups, practicing yoga, cooking healthy meals, wildcrafting, hiking, making art, writing screenplays, singing, composing and and performing music for soundtracks, corporate and private events, Soundbath & SoundSpa (tm) & Soundhealing events.

CALL (206) 701-0236 for your Free 20 minute phone consultation.

If I don't answer, leave a brief message with your name and times to reach you, and I'll call you back ASAP.